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Default Re: Pulsynetic master clock: question about gravity arm roller.

I'm trying to guess what gravity arms do and why they should want a roller
In brief, the idea is to impart the sustaining impulse to the pendulum at the centre of its swing when its impact on the period is least. Constancy of mechanical impulse is achieved by using the weight of the gravity arm to dispense a fixed measure of gravitational potential energy every half minute.

At each fifteenth swing of the two-second pendulum, the pawl of the gun lever drops into the deep notch on the scape wheel, causing it to trip the stirrup catch off the gravity lever at the next swing. The roller runs down the impulse pallet on the pendulum crutch to provide the sustaining impulse, then once its travel is complete it closes the contact, energising the slave circuit to the clocks and also the master electromagnet, which restores the gravity lever to its position on the stirrup catch and breaks the circuit. Kerchunk.

On my clock, the roller is definitely clear of the pallet until released. Any additional mechanical interference with the pendulum is to be avoided so I don't think this is normal, and may well relate to the roller bearing being out of whack.
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