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Default Pulsynetic master clock: question about gravity arm roller.

I have recently acquired a pulsynetic master clock. I have not had one before. I am in the process of checking over the mechanism before firing it up for the first time. In this regard I am probably being over cautious as I am confident it was well looked after by the previous owner.

The only immediate question-mark I have after inspecting it concerns the roller on the gravity arm.

It looks to me like the roller brushes against the upper apex of the pusher ramp on each swing. It's not a strong contact, but there is a little play in the roller's mount, and the contact is enough to lift the roller slightly and reliably rotate it a little left or right, etc. Because of the slight play in the roller mount this just looks "wrong" to me. It "feels" to me like it should be 'just' clear of the apex at all times and only come into contact with the pendulum pusher when released.

Is that indeed the case?

And is it normal to have a small amount of play (wobble) in the bearing of the roller?

I could supply photos of relevant parts tomorrow if needed.

[P.S. It looks like the metal part that holds the gravity arm up (until the moment of release) has two screws at its upper end that are possibly designed to allow it's vertical position to be varied slightly. If that is so (I've not yet got a clear view of these screws, so perhaps it is not) then perhaps the intended adjustment is to raise this latch slightly, so that the gravity arm is held a tiny bit higher, so that the roller will not brush against it? ]

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