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Default Re: Section C (eBay) Rules Explained

Bumping again:-

C. eBay and other on-line auctions etc.
All references to eBay below also apply to other similar organisations. These rules exist for good historical reasons and are strictly enforced. If in doubt about the rules, please avoid mentioning eBay at all.

The word "eBay" can be used in these forums so long as you keep within the rules. Don't use euphemisms like 'fleabay'.
You may not promote eBay auctions. This applies to other seller's auctions as well as your own.
You may not post links or references to items just because they interest you, though you may respond to a "Sets/Parts Wanted" or "Information Wanted" post by mentioning an eBay item or posting a link to it.
No discussion is allowed about the eBay company (including subsidiaries), the eBay website, eBay auction items or eBay sellers.
The moderators will assess any references to eBay or items listed thereon on a case-by-case basis. This may result in posts that are felt unsuitable or inappropriate being edited or removed regardless of the above rules.
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