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Default Re: Restoration of a Neutrofon Guldsegl 5308


You are welcome. The history of Derby is quite interesting. The founder and owner, Willy Johannsen, was a spontaneous person, which meant that a lot of their products never really came past their "childhood diseases", before they were discontinued in favor of the next new thing.
He made transistor radios as well "Derby Calypso". If they where made by others and then just re-branded as Derby, I don't know. Their later tv's where not manufactured by Derby, I know that for sure. I just don't remember who made them. Maybe Herofon/Arena from Horsens.
So the only "real" Derby tv, is the type 571. I guess 1000 where made, since I never saw a serial number exceeding this. I think the one I sold had serial number 922 or something like that. The unrestored one has a much lower number.

I have one of the small FM add on's from Neutrofon also. It is called Neutrofon FM Jack. It is very well build, and I like the fact that it has a low impedance output (cathode follower + signal transformer).

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