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Default Re: Restoration of a Neutrofon Guldsegl 5308

Thanks Dalek,

Interesting that you have danish sets, and especially Derby and Ruhe! And yes, it is quite impressive we had so many manufacurers in the radio industry, for such a small country.

I had two of the Derby tv's, one is sold to a collector of Derby scooter. These tv's are extremely rare, and only a very few was ever produced. Derby was a company that build motor scooters, and very shortly they produced a small batch of tv's. I still have one of them left, though unrestored.

The name "Guldsegl" which would be translated into something like "Golden Seal", was also used for their tv sets, as the one you have. Those small oven shaped sets are quite handsome.
The model name was introduced the 30's, where their top of the line radio sets where given the name Guldsegl.
Before WW2, Neutrofon probably made the best receivers of all here in Denmark. I have a 1938 Guldsegl also, and that is a great performer with a beautiful copper coloured chassis.

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