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Originally Posted by SiriusHardware View Post

Some friends of mine had a Tatung Einstein, a nice machine with its built in disc drives, quite a luxury at the time, although I seem to remember they were 3" discs as per the Spectrum +3 - they could be quite hard to come by now. Another decent machine which fell at the first marketing fence. I do remember they had a version of the space combat / trading game ELITE for it though, so that's at least one mainstream game which did get produced for it. Probably a port from the Spectrum version.

I would quite like an Oric Atmos (Not the original Oric-1) but I doubt that I could afford one now.

I got an Einstein (free I think as dumped at end of a radio rally?) many years ago, but need to fix it one day.

I also got a non-working Oric Atmos (but with a space keybar key missing and broken keyboard connector for 1.50 a few years ago - But board was missing the ULA. And after getting an empty Oric-1 case (which uses the same board), I put it into that instead - As I thought the original was more classic.

Someone had been trying to sell an unboxed Oric-1 for around 30 at recent rallies, and I was thinking I'd have to try and replicate the obsolete ULA in mine. But after finding a reverse-engineering of it, I also discovered there are still stocks in Bulgaria on the 'Bay for a few pounds. So after recently buying a couple, I need to see if mine will work.

I did nearly buy an Oric-1, when they came out and used one a friend got. But ended-up going for the Spectrum, that most others had got.
An Uncle later had one, and I discovered they strangely used a 7905 regulator, and 'positive-earth' from ext. PSU.
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