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But its working not bad considering it was probably last powered in the Mid 1980's
A good result - I see a Microsoft prompt there - what was it that was so bad about the original BASIC? (A subset of Microsoft Basic, or so I understand?).

Some friends of mine had a Tatung Einstein, a nice machine with its built in disc drives, quite a luxury at the time, although I seem to remember they were 3" discs as per the Spectrum +3 - they could be quite hard to come by now. Another decent machine which fell at the first marketing fence. I do remember they had a version of the space combat / trading game ELITE for it though, so that's at least one mainstream game which did get produced for it. Probably a port from the Spectrum version.

I would quite like an Oric Atmos (Not the original Oric-1) but I doubt that I could afford one now.

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