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Default Dead Commodore Pet

A bit of background; I first got a Commodore Pet when I was 15 in 1979 and it started me off on what I laughingly call my career. I spent many a long night typing in programs from magazines in the UK and working out what was wrong with them and learnt a great deal and learnt to be inquisitive too.

Therefore, I couldn't resist buying a non-working Pet locally (well, two and a half hours away) in Scotland for twenty five pounds. It has power - I can hear it. The monitor is getting power, I can see it glow orange at the back. All I need to do is get it booting.

So far nothing on the screen at all.

I'm starting from scratch. My electronics limits stretch to taking out chips and reseating them. I can solder. I have a multi-meter.

Can someone point me off in the right direction to start please? I know I'm being vague about symptoms, but that's because I don't really have any.

Thanks for any advice.

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