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Default Re: Does this 1960s hairdryer contain asbestos?

Agreed, the element former appears to be ceramic. The sleeving in the handle is unlikely to be an ACM. Asbestos was sometimes used an ingredient of the filler in any bakelite parts but if so, the risk is not significantly different to any other bakelite object and very low due to the stability of the material.

I'm really young and never actually saw asbestos in my life
Some ACMs are easy to recognise, in others the asbestos is so well integrated with other materials that unless you have them tested, it is impossible to know whether they are asbestos-containing at all. If you regularly work on old materials and equipment, it is good to take an asbestos awareness course or similar to get a basic grounding. However, many such courses are aimed at the construction industry and assume that all asbestos found is 'bad' and will be 'dealt with' by a licenced contractor. They would not usually recognise a situation where the ACMs are actually wanted as part of something.
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