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G W Smith & Co, 3-34 Lisle Street.

I still have the address in my head from the sixties and a memory of scurrying on to the post office in our village to buy postal orders with my accumulated pocket money.

3-to 34 I interpreted it as, and thought their business must be HUGE. But they printed it that way in PW, shortwave mag, etc. 3 & 34 would have been more honest, I later found.

It must have been the late '80s. I'd been down to Dover, visiting G3ROO. On my way back North, Ian and Dick G0BPS (The founders of Kanga Kits) were with me. They were going to show me Proops where it then was in a repurposed multistorey car park off Old Kent Road. They were going to buy some odds and ends and go back to Dover and Folkestone by train. My small car was packed with the three of us and a load of shelving from Ian destined for George Dobbs who had recently suffered a bit of a collapse in the radio area of his vicarage study. If you look on the inside page of Sprat, from 1990 onwards, it's there in the background in the photo of George.

So I met Sid Proops. I bought a big bag of assorted tags and terminals. I spent about an hour getting quizzed, identifying things! Great times, but it was far past the end of an era.

I never did get to see the famous places I'd bought things from by post in the sixties. Never got to Shudehill in Manchester. I'd heard of it, so I have an eldorado-esque view of it.

Can't afford the volcanic island yet, but the plans for my monorail and the goons' uniforms are done
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