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Default Re: Old (presumed Dud) CRTs discovered - value?

I'll keep the forum updated. I hope to be collecting the remainder of this stash in the coming week then will see if I am able to test in any way. I like "space_charged's" test method but I can't lay my hands on an EHT supply.

Some test results would allow us to suggest a price and start a Parts Offered thread. The main purpose of this thread was to established that there is some interest, which there now is, so these CRTs shouldn't end up down the tip.

'radiomarktv' I'm happy to earmark one CRM92 for you if the Mods and fellow forum members are happy to allow this. I think further expressions of interest should wait until we've decided a price and put these up on the appropriate section.

I've seen a post here on a CRM92 that imploded in storage. I am treating this with a little more respect now. If testing, will probably go for croc clips rather than trying to wiggle an octal valve base on the end.


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