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Default Re: Gemini 80-Bus System

I have done a bit of disassembly of the simon rom and found a problem with
the scsi emulation that caused simon to fail to detect the scsi hardware. This has
been rectified.

I have not completed the disassembly but broadly found my way round some areas. If
you are disassembling I can send you the partial disassembly which has some labels

I have also harmonised the way bus extensions work - to make it easier to add more. Because it appears that some versions of linux don't supply the required files to build
device drivers with their distributed kernel and booting a custom kernel is more difficult
than it used to be I have included the parallel port driver code into xbeaver. Would be
nice to get a usb version of the bus-extender going and would probably use user-space
usb to put the driver into xbeaver as another bus extender.
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