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Default Re: Help with Tandberg Model 15 2 Track

Thanks, I ordered the parts. The motor is no longer working properly. All was good until I put it back in the case. Now the motor stalls. I had a good look inside and I can see the pin that fell out of the speed control shorting across the coils on the motor. I must have dislodged it when I put it into the case. I have no way to get it out, so I ordered some tweezers. I'll put this on the backburner till the parts arrive. It was a bit disappointing not to finish at least getting the motor running today. I haven't checked the audio section yet, I'm more concerned about the transport and the mechanicals first. The speaker was disconnected so I haven't heard a peep out of it yet, and nothing on the meter from the single tape I got with the machine, that may well be blank. I'll post again in a few days time after I sorted these two issues out.
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