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Default Re: Help with Tandberg Model 15 2 Track

I do not know the Series 15, but it certainly does look like a Rifa and the tag boards look very similar. It probably will say Rifa on the other side. If Rifa it is probably MP type (Metallised Paper).

You will see from the symbol on it, it is a capacitor in series with a resistor, often called a CR Snubber, also called an RC Unit. From the schematic you will see the capacitor is identified as C3 (0.1uF 250V AC) and the resistor as R10 (47 Ohm). The AC voltage rating is important in this application.

Bens photos shows 2 discrete components, it can be cheaper to do it this way compared to buying a combined snubber. Whether a discrete capacitor or a combined snubber it is also important for the device to have the X2 safety class rating.

The AC voltage rating should be at least 250V which I think normally equates to 630VDC rating in these type of devices.

Bens pictured capacitor is Polyester (MKT), Polypropylene (MKP) is also good.

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