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I have seen REN boosters in use and they seem to work fine, as long as they are wired correctly.

An alternative would be to purchase a small electronic PBX such as a Minmaster 3, Revelation or something similar; this allows a lot more options as the ports of a lot of these systems have a REN of 4 to begin with so if you have a system with 8 extension ports you could, in theory, wire up to 32 telephones to ring.

You also get the advantage of call hold and transfer facilities if you connect one of these to your main exchange line, some of these units can also perform pulse to tone conversion before sending the digit string out to the line.

Another "cheaty", but possibly not too reliable, method of boosting REN is to use master sockets, which have their own built in ringing capacitor, at each telephone - BT had at least one small keysystem which required this method due to the limitations of the built in ringing generator.

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