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Default Re: Bang & olufsen 3300 type 1604 fuses

Well,we can agree on the sound quality of the Beomaster 2200/Beocenter 3300/4000 etc at least?
They must have been expensive to make with that awful wire wrapping and plug in modules.And they certainly were not reliable,not just the spontaneously combusting crowbar protection(no electrolytic cap problems while still under warranty!),but also with that terrible tape deck! The record deck was ok though!

They were also susceptable to rfi,which might with the benefit of hindsight have had a role in the aforementioned combustion scenario?

The Beomaster 1500 and '4400 were of course super sounding,but not without their particular foibles.
Not a happy period for B&O,as they tended to earn their "all dress and no knickers" reputation somewhat.
They moved on though with the sublime Beomaster 6000/8000,and the Beocenter 5000/7000/02(no crowbar's there!)and they haven't really looked back since?
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