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Default Re: Bang & olufsen 3300 type 1604 fuses

Originally Posted by Max Ripple View Post
Not one of B&O's best efforts IMHO
Really? This chassis was part of 'Project Tango', which produced the little Beomaster 1500 and the mighty Beomaster 4400 as well. The Beocenter 3300 is a derivative of the Beomaster 2200, which I've head described as the nicest sounding amplifier that B&O made. When in good condition its hard to disagree with that, but they are all 40 years old now so you need to do a fair amount of work to get them up to that standard.

The Beocenter 3300 was essentially a Beomaster 2200 with a shortened fascia combined with a Beogram 1902 turntable. They also made a Beocenter 4000 which was the same radio chassis and a condensed form of the Beocord 5000 cassette deck, using B&O's own mechanism. This was probably the most practical version of the rather over complex deck, it had a single capstan drive and a different reel motor arrangement which cured many (but not all) of the Beocord 5000's bad habits. Sadly they never made a version with both the cassette deck and the turntable, it would have been stunning.
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