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Default Re: Bang & olufsen 3300 type 1604 fuses

Good luck with that then?
The aptly named crowbar protection system was so called as it mimicked the effect of dropping a crowbar (or similar implement!)across the supply lines,so blowing(and how!)the fuses.
Sadly the protection circuit had a habit of spontaneously combusting even without a fault being present,although I remember that B&O produced a mod kit to overcome(sometimes!) this malady.
Is there not a mains carousel adjuster somewhere on the unit,probably underneath?You might be lucky and the unit is set to 220(or less?) instead of 240v?
You'll still need to explore inside for the fuses though,and it's not for the faint hearted.

Not one of B&O's best efforts IMHO,and only redeemed by producing wonderful sound when working!
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