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Default Re: Hacker Speaker Survey

Thanks Chris - I've also seen a couple more VHF Heralds with that Elac...

  • Early Goodmans (3 bolts): 26 (3 in RP10, 9 in RP18, 6 in RP25, 1 in AM Herald RP30, 1 in Jonster's AM Herald unnumbered - probably RP30, 1 in SW Herald RP31SW, 2 in Marine Herald RP32, 2 in Herald RP35, 1 in Helmsman RP36)
  • Later Goodmans (no bolts): 15 (2 in Sovereign RP25, 5 in AM Herald RP35, 3 in Helmsman RP36, 3 in VHF Herald RP37, 1 in VHF Herald RP37A, 1 in Hunter RP38)
  • Early Celestion (silver frame): 8 (3 in Sovereign RP25, 2 in RP25A, 1 in RP25B, 2 in VHF Herald RP37A)
  • Later Celestion (black frame): 5 (4 in Sovereign RP25B, 1 in VHF Herald RP37A)
  • Elac (large magnet): 7 (VHF Herald RP37A)
  • Elac (small magnet): 2 (Hunter RP38A)

* Having collected my AM Herald RP30 with a no-bolt Goodmans, it is actually incorrect - this set has the front and rear panels from a later RP35 Herald (yes, they are slightly different), and the speaker came with them! It's 15 ohms, so wrong for this set. However, that's the least of its problems!
Conclusions, once again refined from new data. Changes in bold:
  1. The Goodmans speaker was the "general purpose" model that was used in most models. It is available in two versions: the earlier version had 3 bolts and were 15 or 30 ohms, later ones have no bolts and were 15 ohms.
  2. The large magnet Elac was only fitted to RP37A VHF Heralds.
  3. The Celestions were only fitted to later RP25 Sovereigns and VHF Heralds (perhaps only the RP37A, but more input welcome). Later versions had a black chassis.
  4. An RP25 might have an early 15 ohm Goodmans with bolts, the later Goodmans sans bolts, or a Celestion!
  5. RP25As and Bs should have the Celestion speaker... There's every chance (but no guarantee) that speakers in the RP25B sets will have a black frame.
  6. The change from early to late Goodmans speakers that occurred during the life of the RP25 is also seen in the AM Herald RP35 and contemporaries. This change is close to the change from germanium to silicon AM IF panels. The handle also changed sometime around here.
  7. The Elac with the small magnet and gold-coloured frame/magnet in 15 ohm form was fitted to RP38A Hunters. Early RP38 Hunters used the later Goodmans.
  8. The Sovereign III family (Black Knight, Super Sovereign, etc) used a smaller 5 by 7" speaker, which has no identifying labels or markings but at the time, Hacker told forum member "safria17" that is was made by Peerless. The Sovereign IV and RPC1 marked a return to the 5" by 8" Elac, this time in 4 ohm form. Other smaller sets from this time used Philips and Audax speakers.
  9. For the sake of completeness, the Mini-Herald, Autocrat, Democrat and Harrier models used 4" by 6" speakers, made by Goodmans, Celestion and possible Elac.

Special thanks to Safria17 - that's really useful information

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