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Default Re: Audiojumble Sun 16th Feb

Holding a stall does indeed make for a long day.

We try to factor in the weather, traffic, plus level of interest (on-line) in the items we have for sale, against an asking price vs what we'll happily take.

We stay 'till the end, some items we put on the bring & buy table too. The bigger items have usually sold, by about lunchtime. We've had our fun with the items, and so long as travel & refreshments can be covered, it's been a good day and frees up space in the workshop.

A few more boxes of bits to sort, upload on this forum to (as Bill suggests) allow people to continue enjoying what they do. After these items have gone, our time selling will have neared its end.

Slowly turning the 'to-do', into 'ta-dah'
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