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Default Re: Audiojumble Sun 16th Feb

Originally Posted by ex seismic View Post
Most radio rallies in the south east do not have main dealers anymore with the exception of Kempton. Even there one main dealer no longer attends as he has an open day at his relatively local shop. The Dover rally might have Icom who are more or less local. Kempton is now only once a year and slowly dying.

That sounds like they're giving up on business. At the price of new radios, they're something you want to see in the flesh before committing. The nearest dealer to Scotland, sinceJaycee was closed down is in Barnsley. It sounds like the audio world is not much better off.

Perhaps costs of doing business have risen to the point where it's only just sustainable in some single area where the density of punters is at the peak.

Meanwhile, the city centre a mile from me fills with fast food outlets beauty and tattoo parlours. Even the shoe shops have gone, contrary to Douglas Adams' predictions.

Thanks for clearing up my rose-tinted view.

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