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Default Re: Audiojumble Sun 16th Feb

So you turn up to a Audiojumble 6 hours after the event starts and somehow expect there to be stalls heaving with secondhand bargain hifi?
At 2pm I'm as often as not getting myself psyched up for the 350 mile drive home which will still take me until nearly midnight especially if the usual mayhem happens somewhere on the M25/M40/M6 journey through hell.
and I'm not getting any younger, nor is my car.
As an aside, as GJ has so well explained, it's a sort of bring and buy sale, the idea of stall holders is to flog their gear and once their stock is gone, it's gone.
In past years before the top price 8am entry there was a lot of kit hoovered up by dealers, much as what happens at the start of boot sales. I mainly go now because I have made a lot of good friends through my DIY and Audio hobby and most of us go with a strict budget and enjoy the social aspect.
There's an awful lot of business movers and shakers attend, many sort of "incognito" for want of a better word. its an interesting Bash.


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