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Default Re: Audiojumble Sun 16th Feb

Originally Posted by GrimJosef View Post
Originally Posted by Uncle Bulgaria View Post
I was just surprised, as this wasn't mentioned on the Audiojumble website. Anyone reading that would have no way of knowing that arriving around noon could prove disappointing ...

At other similar expos (model engineering, model railway exhibitions and the like) I'd be very surprised to see a lack of stalls around teatime ...
Ah. I think you're mixing it up with an expo.

It's a jumble sale. First rule of jumble sales - 'you'd better be at the front of the queue '.


Same as carboot sales be there at the front of the queue,although it does annoy me when you see sellers packing up at 10.30am!! albeit most carboot sales are free entry.
Oh I've had that for years dear!!
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