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Default Help needed! AOL Desktop / new browser in Blackpool

Is there a kindly member who can pop round to help sort out a long standing forum member's PC? He's 80+ and lives in Blackpool - local computer shop 'experts' don't want to know. I'm in sunny Sussex and can only help my friend so far over the 'phone.

Please PM me for contact details.

The problem:

1: He is using an XP PC and it, appears, Google 'Opera'. He urgently needs to be shown how to gain access to AOL using a new browser and to stay 'on-line' (with AOL) now that the much loved AOL Desktop is being abandoned, and to...

2: make AOL his 'home page' for easy 'one-button' access (the beauty of AOL's Desktop)

3: save his old AOL e-mails and addresses for access and continuity

4: save / transfer his 'favourite' websites - even I haven't been able to do that (I use IE and W.7)

5: and stop being bombarded by adverts (Desktop was user friendly)

PLEASE bear in mind that, like many of us old codgers who have been using computers 30+ years, today's unnecessarily complicated technology, terminology and jargon is beyond us - we use a computer as a 'tool' to do a job - which is why I still use DOS for serious work! He is not interested in new whizz-bang technology, flash-Harry over bloated software or Linux!!

When I was, unbeknown to me, recently upgraded to Google Chrome, my PC suffered a catastrophic crash... I finally managed a recovery in the absence of a manual (remember those?)... and that is why my friend needs a helping hand to talk him through the process and avoid pitfalls.

Thanks in anticipation,
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