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Default Re: Test equipment for valve radio repair

As others have said, you need very little to carry out most fault diagnosis and repair. However my experience has been that in setting myself up for this type of work I have developed an interest in collecting the test equipment itself. Professional laboratory instruments, by makers such as Marconi, HP, Avo and Tektronix, that cost many hundreds of pounds thirty or more years ago can now be picked up for a song. There is also much cheaper but good equipment around such as that by Heathkit which will still provide good service. In the case of Heathkit, because it was designed for home assembly, it is particularly easy to maintain. Such equipment turns up on auction sites or at the BVWS events such as Harpenden. It may even be offered on this site from time to time.

I admit that the equipment is usually far more highly specified than is required for our purposes but there is satisfaction in using such beautifully made equipment and keeping it working long after the end of its intended life.

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