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Default Re: Test equipment for valve radio repair

I forked out on a valve tester fairly early on, its been quitr fun using it but I wouldn't bother. I'd agree most work can be done well with just a meter (DMM or analogue) but if you're feeling your way there's nothing like seeing a trace on the 'scope. Mines a 90quid crappy one from Maplins. Dual trace isn't hugely useful except for telly work.

Isolating transformer and variac have proved very useful as has a decent soldering iron I've been poking away with a 15W antex for years and not really understood just how much nicer a proper heft voltage controlled one is - they're not that expensive either.

I picked up a nice sig gen for a tenner at Harpenden and that's been useful, both in diagnosing and aligning but also in aiding my understanding of various things. Also its got nixie tube read out of the frequency which is cool!...
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