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Default Reporting Posts


This is just a reminder that, should you notice a post which you think breaches the rules in some way, you can help out us moderators by reporting it. Many of you already know about and use this feature already, but it's worth mentioning these things from time-to-time for the benefit of new members.

Over on the left-hand side, under the user info associated with each post, you'll see a little red warning triangle.

Click on this, fill in the 'Message' box with the reason you're reporting the post, then hit the 'Send Report' button. Using this feature of the forum sends an email to the moderators; many of us with "always-on" broadband connections will see the email almost instantly and can then investigate.

Please don't respond to any post which you think may be a problem; that doesn't bring it to our immediate attention. Just report it and let us discuss what action, if any, needs to be taken.

It's just one of the ways you can help us keep things running smoothly.

Cheers, Kat
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