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Default Re: Best 100MHz analogue oscilloscope?

Originally Posted by chriswood1900 View Post
I like the Tek 22XX series scopes relatively easy to fix apart from the PSU, very light and use very few custom parts. I currently use a 2235 and also a Hitachi V1065A both 100Mhz but the Hitachi uses a lot of push buttons whereas the Tek is very conventional rotary controls. I have had many scopes in the past and have found the Japanese built ones to be the most reliable.
For the 2225 see here for info

I have fixed quite a few 22xx series Tek scopes presenting as dead. The psu is fragile - it is a two-stage switchmode. In the ones I fixed, the first stage produces 42V and the clever stuff in the second stage produces the various operating voltages from 42V. So the solution to a burned out first stage is to put in a cheap (7!) Chinese 42V switchmode psu from Ebay. One of those ones that is plastic-cased, like an external laptop supply. Job done, without finding or fault-finding proprietary switching transformers or FETs.
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