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Default Re: Low hum on a Bush VHF64

Hi Jim,
I noticed this problem on certain VHF64/94 sets - I believe it's a symptom of high audio gain being used to compensate for lack of signal coming through the HF end - Assume you have the volume turned up quite a way on VHF when this occurs ?
If so, then replce the cheapy lump of mains cable to the bass pot with proper screened cable. This should cure ....
ALso, I believe there was a post a while back about certain of the aluminium chassis sections not being bolted together tightly. Try retightening all the screws which hold the panels together.
Also worth checking the main electrolytic earthing as I seem to recall there is no earth lead and it relies on tightness of the clamp ! A.

PS the '94 when in good condition looks stunning !
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