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Default Re: Bush AC34, no sound.

Hi all and thanks for your help,

I may have led you a bit astray, the model I have is a Bush Ireland radio very similar in appearance to the VHF54 with the green eye in the top left corner. It does not have VHF waveband, only L/M/S.

I tried the test on the volume control on the middle lug, but no joy. I am measuring the voltage on the valves at the moment but as I have no tech. knowledge I am not sure if I am doing it correctly; eg on UY41 I got a measurement of 120, on UL41, 100 on UBC41, 15 and 6 on the next one.

There are different coloured wires on each valve and using a multimeter can you tell me which colours are correct?

I have rechecked all the caps and they seem to be ok. I have also checked the sound mute screw on the top right corner and that's ok.
I'm not giving up.

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