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Default Re: Digital 'cassette' recorder

Originally Posted by suebutcher View Post
And for modern computers too! People are so hung up on this "select from menu, download a file, choose an app" business, aren't they? I was talking to an old chap (well, just slightly older than me!) at the Repair Café, and he told me he had some music in his computer he wanted to download as a keeper for listening. He didn't know how to do it. "Join the club!" I thought. I said, "You don't have to download a file, just plug a good recorder in to the headphone socket, get the computer to play the music, and there you are." But he didn't even acknowledge that suggestion. "I want to get this music and I don't know how to download!" Oh dear.
The simplest way is often the best. People forget that our ears are analogue devices which can only receive sound waves. Any digital source, even with DRM protection, can be recorded by tapping into the chain at the appropriate point. A microphone in front of the speaker if necessary.
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