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Default Refurbishing a Mullard Valve Tester Metalwork?


Can anyone point me in the direction of a simple method for refurbishing the internal and external metalwork of a Mullard High Speed Valve Tester please?

It will be my intention to completely strip the tester down to individual parts – I bought one that turned out to be three–quarters of an E7600/3 and was given the chassis–assemblies from an original E7600 – it may not have been all there!

I also have two of the original Card Boxes but both have quite a bit of rust on them!

I can work out all the wiring & component layouts from the available bookwork, so if any Members who are more experienced in Metalwork Refinishing can give me some pointers to methods of doing the work and recommended paints, primers, rust treatments, etc., to use I'd be very grateful!

Also both the chrome handles have got very badly rusted – can rechroming only be done by a specialist workshop, and if so, what would the likely cost be?

Chris Williams
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