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Default Re: Chrome Reel to Reel Tape?

I think TDK SA wasnt actually made of chromium so was "pseudo chrome" or "non chrome" as a TDK brochure I have here says. It still required similar high bias and erase as Chrome and had similar performance.

On some later reel to reel tape machines there was a standard called EE, standing for extra efficiency, which used such a more high performing tape for semi pro machines and claimed similar performance to 7.5ips at only 3.75ips.

Yes the good high frequency response of good Type II cassette tapes running at a meagre 1.875ips wasnt really needed on professional machines running at 15ips (8 times faster). Using tape that was by later standards pretty humble, Ampex pro machines of even the late 40's could go out to the limits of human hearing. TDK SA or chrome or pseudo chrome tape was fundamental to the performance of VHS and Beta VCR's which ran even slower than audio cassettes.

I seem to recall TDK stopped making reel to reel tapes altogether around 1990 but continued with cassette and VCR tapes.

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