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Well with the aid of Terry and David, I Now have two operational radio's. With the mods I made to radio 1... I can generate 5W FM into a 50R dummy load, however this has been backed off to 3.5W, as I dont want to over drive the PA in SSB mode.
Radio 2 was a bit more of a challenge, where David's scrapper came into its own. R2 had an iffy mode switch, very noisy, and after some "tail chasing" decided it needed replacing..its sealed thus no chance of getting any cleaner into it. So thanks to David, I did a switch swap. Plus a Dual gate fet replacement.............. Oh yes a TOTAL re alignment.... the person I bought it off stated.. "spares or repair"...he neglected to say.. EVERY coil, trimmer and preset had been "adjusted" when all that was wrong was the post amp of the PLL oscillator was duff. Ah well.. not much you can do...
One other mod I made to both was to rewire the DC input socket, which is wired at -V centre pin...As I dont want the internal battery set up, it was changed to + centre pin. This then cancels any confusion in the supply department.
One other point to note... due to the age of this radio.. it is all "Hairpin leaded" components.. packed so tight you wonder who designed it. Service wise a heat gun is essential to remove some components as the pcb is PTH "plated through hole". I replaced some components, that were impossible to relocate with SMD parts.
Should get out more.

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