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Default Re: KB FB10 'Toaster'

Originally Posted by af024
Looks like they enjoyed tinkering about with their production runs. Or was it a case of, 'What components do we have most of today?'

Amazing - I had no idea that there were so many variants.

Makes it interesting anyway.
As myself and others have said, KB were notorious for altering things in mid production; some people say this was 'just them' and others have theories about it being a matter of what components were available at the time. In 1950 there were still a few shortages following WW2 and then we had - as only the British can - a few more wars such as Korea and Suez, which also had some bearing on component supplies but to a lesser extent.

Saying all that, the same 'problems' didn't seem to exist for, say, Bush and their DAC90A etc etc. Back to KB again, similar strange variations existed in both the valve and transistor Rhapsody series.

So Andy, having collected all the 'Toasters' with electrical oddities you can then start collecting them in different colours

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