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Default Re: Auroras at Crowthorne Tubes

I don't think either the Domino or the Aurora could cause ragging on pans. This is simply because neither does any interfield processing.

The problem with playing NTSC (strictly 525/60) material on a PAL (strictly 625/50) player is that the line and field rate will be 525/60. The colour subcarrier is coded as 4.43MHz PAL. This is the same as with most multistandard VCRs. Most TVs will be entirely happy with this but converters will not be.

There is no simple answer to converting 525/60 to 405. I think the expensive Aurora World Converter will do it. Alternatively some players may convert to 625/50 internally. The final approach is there may be software based converters that can convert the files on a DVD from 525/60 to 625/50. This need not be done in real time and the result can be burnt to a writeable DVD.

It would be theoretically possible to make an SCRF converter that takes 525/60 and outputs 405/60. Whether vintage TVs would like the non-standard field rate is another question. I don't think this is a sensible approach.
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