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Originally Posted by Radio Wrangler View Post
It would be possible to make a variable unbalancer... particularly for amplifiers with cathode-coupled (long tailed pair) phase splitters.

Long-tailed pair phase-splitters are sometimes intentionally "unbalanced" in terms of the anode resistors not being the same, simply in order to balance the outputs of the two triodes in the long-tailed pair. If the anode resistors are identical, the outputs of the two triodes will differ.

So, if you built a long-tailed pair phase-splitter with adjustable anode resistor(s), you might achieve a (maybe limited) unbalance. You could get even cleverer by having the two anode resistors as a dual pot, with one increasing as the other decreased its resistance. I would imagine that the amount of unbalance and difference between the anode resistors would have to be limited, but perhaps someone with more knowledge of valve circuitry might have some better ideas?

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