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Default What type of capacitor for R.F. decoupling ?


I'm trying to rebuild an oldish receiver (1950's), all I have is a more or less bare chassis and the circuit diagram.
There are quite a lot of 1000pf decouplers, Cathode, Screen and heaters. Even though only the screen components will need to be H.V. I presume that they could well have used the same component throughout.

In my stock I have Mustard Polyesters (400v) and polystyrene's (not sure of their voltage rating), which or neither should I choose for use from 20 to 40 MHz ?
I see you can get R.F. ceramics, I presume that they have improved dielectric for lower loss. But they really don't look the part for the vintage of the kit.

Any recommendations and info would be great.


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