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Default Re: New Member from the Netherlands,

Personally i like point to point wiring with ceramic standoffs(The tektronix way) however given that professional looking PCB's can be outsourced to China for less then the materials to needed to etch them yourself, the future of homebrew could be in computer aided design.

I have not built curve tracers, i consider them novelties because they are not tube testers, most of the time the dissipation is inadequate to find issues in output valves. I have an old Philips curve tracer that needs some TLC.

A good homebrew tester is all about a very stable grid supply, and perhaps higher resolution then the 2000 count panel meters will offer.

My last project was a prototype supply, that can regulate between 0 and -100V and allows the measurement of grid current on a 200uA scale.

I will devote a post to some of my ideas.
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