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Default Re: Who makes the best NiCads?

You can still get the old Sanyo Cadnica NiCd cells. Panasonic bought out the rights to the Sanyo name.

Still lots of advantages to NiCd cells: easy to charge, reasonable self-discharge rate, pretty reliable and work in very low temperatures, almost impossible to knacker. I used them for years in radio control stuff and CB equipment.

EU is cutting down on them though; you can't ship them in new products. Only available as replacements now. This is due to the nice oodles of toxic cadmium in them. Can still recycle the things; no one wants to do it though.

Now we have low self-discharge NiMh like Eneloops, things are quite a bit nicer environmentally. Considerably more of a dick to charge though.

Oh need to add something here: NiCd cells don't have a memory like everyone thinks they do. I have experimented with this extensively with probably 100 or so NiCd cells from Sanyo towards the end of the 1990s and there is no evidence to support this actually happens.
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