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Default Re: Superstar 6900N V6 - Fault with SSB mode

I think any and all observations regarding this chassis are interesting and will eventually add up to a useful repository of information about the set.

Pin 4 on the microphone socket goes to an ADC input (AN7, pin 50 of the microprocessor) which measures any resistance which appears between pin 4 and ground.

If it sees 47K to ground, that's the 'Up' button pressed, if it sees 100K, that's 'Dn' and if it sees 150K that's 'SQ'. Between pin 4 and the microprocessor ADC input there is a 1K resistor (R608) which should limit the current into or out of pin 4 if it is inadvertently connected to something it should not be.

Anyway, at the moment we are still chasing that transmitter problem.
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