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Default Re: Superstar 6900N V6 - Fault with SSB mode

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Chances are if it's drawing current with no audio on SSB (or AM) try the 2SB688 voltage regulator hasn't gone dead short supplying 13.8v directly to the MOSFETs.
This is a V6 (not V3) chassis so the power regulator / modulator transistor is a TIP36 rather than a 2SB. Although they certainly are a common source of problems, the radio in this case is still working in AM and FM TX modes, in which that transistor also controls the supply voltage to the transmitter. See all earlier posts in the thread.
Do you have audio on FM, no audio on AM or SSB?

Check the TIP still. An old trick on Uniden boards (what the Anytone is roughly ripped off from) was to send 13V direct to the final bias board, this gave full power on FM but no audio on AM or SSB. Also there is another smaller transistor which is a companion part to the TIP device sat in front of it, this can also fail.

Sorry for not reading all the replies, but way too many part numbers and big fancy words to try to plough through for a CB radio. If i had it sat here in the shack I'd know what to look at to test, harder trying to put it in text.
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