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Default Re: BVWS online auction.

The bidding and collection details were included in the January email sent to all active BVWS members with an up to date email account.

Another email will be sent for the May auction.

However to clarify for those non-BVWS members who are thing of joining to take part in the next auction an extract from the email is below


Bidding is the same as with eBay. For example if a lot is starting at 20 and you bid 50 then the system only takes 20 as your bid and keeps the upper figure in reserve to automatically increase your bids in increments up to your maximum if another bidder places a bid. So to be clear; your highest bid will only be your maximum bid amount if another bidder has bid more, the same or close to the same.

Collection and Shipping info

The BVWS WILL NOT undertake any shipping activity of auction items.

There will be several regional collection points where you may collect your 'won' items from. These will be Rosyth Scotland, Rugby, Cardiff, Romford, Devizes and Virginia Water in the UK. International Bidders will have their items held at the BVWS store until arrangements for collection can be agreed.

Moving your items to these regional outlets and the subsequent contact and organisation is kindly supplied by members of the Committee voluntarily and may need time to organise and arrange for you to collect so please be considerate to them as they are doing their best for you!

It may be possible for items to be 'passed-on' via collectors so that they may reach you but the BVWS will not be involved in those arrangements other than the stated sites above.

Neither will we (THE BVWS or Committee members) be held responsible for any problems with the items once they have left our hands.

I hope that clarifies things.

Now - who had fun in the January auction and what goodies did you get / miss?

I wanted the Sterling two valve set but someone had deeper pockets than mine
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