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Default Re: IMOGen Test Card & Teletext Generator

Thanks, Dave.

That's pretty much my understanding. The fields are stored as 8 x 256K gapped EPROM images within two larger 8MB EPROMs, so 4 frames per PROM pair.

I accept that you can reprogram Dinosaur if you have the means to manipulate the data how it's required. What I don't know, and it's only a point of passing interest, is if Dinosaur ever came pre-programmed with a selection of Teletext pages.

I would be very surprised if RTR's reconstruction filter wasn't the best - without doubt the man certainly knew what he was doing.

Originally Posted by ppppenguin View Post
  • SRAM or DRAM to hold the current image or even an image sequence
  • Flash memory interface (USB or SD card) to hold lots of images
  • USB interface for PC control, perhaps even for dynamic teletext
  • Higher sample rate (13.5MHz), with oversampling probably computed at picture load time, to solve output filter problems
No to number 2, but it's more than possible that the next version will be a USB device containing an SRAM frame buffer and a DAC - all else done in software. That would allow for all the other "wishes", and I'm starting to enjoy writing software more than straining my eyes with soldering SMDs!

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