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Default Re: Faulty power Transformator - replacement?

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Hi, unfortunately this type of transformer fails all too often in professional equipment, and while replacements for single voltage types (12+12V) are easy to find, this combination will be difficult. It is a potted transformer so a rewind is not possible.
Best course of action is to fit 2 separate transformers id there is room in the case

It could well be a custom transformer made for that particular product. We've safety tested custom transformers at work. I note it hasn't got any safety marks from authorised test houses....just a CE mark which doesn't mean very much. Most likely this indicates a relatively short run of this particular would not be economical to have a short run of transformers tested by UL or VDE so the manufacturer would basically use approved components and do his own testing and satisfy himself that it met the requirements.

All this means that the chances of finding a proper replacement are slight to impossible.
Hmm... that's a bit of a barstool.

It's a real shame, it's a lovely little unit.
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