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Default Re: CRT Rejuvenation orientation

It's all a matter of a gentle approach but I very much doubt if the position of the tube makes any difference.
I too take the gentle approach, I have both the B&K 470 & 467 CRT testers, both of which have a "clean & balance" mode.
I have never killed a CRT using this method, in fact I have never used the rejuvenate mode.

I have tried CRT's in the service position and in the face down position, the results seem to be the same.
The idea is to blow off the crud from the cathode to expose fresh emissive material, some testers are quite crude in design, and can destroy the cathode coating completely!

As we all know, good replacement CRT's are getting harder to find, especially the early round tubes, if in doubt, leave as is, better to have a dim picture than none at all!

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