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Default Re: The TELSTAR Videotex Service

Originally Posted by john_newcombe View Post
Just so that I am understanding, are you saying that Telstar fails when accessed over the internet with the NxTel client?

I vaguely recall that the NxTel client relies on each frame being transmitted in a single packet. Telstar doesn't have this restriction and uses variable length packets. I imagine what you are seeing is the first packet returned from Telstar and the NxTel client is assuming that this is the frame in its entirity.

Its just a guess though...
I don;t really know the details. I got the impression that support for other systems other than NXTel itself was added on as an extra, rather than the main feature, and it'll be updated hopefully in time. But it often only displays very small parts of the page, often with random symbols and letters etc. It's a shame, as it would be very nice to have it working properly.
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