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Default Re: GPO Bakelite Phones - the end?

Originally Posted by Richard_FM View Post
I heard that subscribers had to pay an additional fee for Bakelite phones in any colour other than black.
Correct! And from 1959 until at least 1968, an extra fee was charged for a 'Modern' telephone (as the Sales Staff were told to refer to the 700 series phone) no matter what colour. Hence few residential folk wanted black - they tended to be in 'industrial' locations. The Bakelite telephone was referred to as a 'Standard' telephone and was the basic phone issued until at least 1968. But most folk wanted a 'modern' telephone hence the demise of the Bakelite. As I started this thread with the fact that I have a couple of Tele 164's (black Bakelite handsets) dated 1961 and 1966 on a couple of 200 types I acquired and was wondering when the GPO stopped purchasing Bakelite ?
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