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Default Re: GPO Bakelite Phones - the end?

Originally Posted by OscarFoxtrot View Post
I think there were still a few strange circuits or plan arrangements where a 706 couldn't be adapted and a 2xx or 3xx had to be used? Not sure if the GPO ever used a magneto calling version of the 706, for instance.
GPO didn't use the 700 style with inbuilt transistorised ringer as produced by Ericssons - the N diagram shows a Tele 706 converted to local battery used in conjunction with a Bakelite cased Generator 26.

Bakelite phones survived for a long time often where the subscriber would let them go.

I was thinking more of the GPO purchasing new Bakelite telephones like those in the photos of the Tele 164s from the 1960's - one as late as 1966 !
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