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Default Re: Can you identify this? (Rediffusion Frequency Translator).

I think it depends what you mean by relevant Clive. I'm sure 405 line enthusiasts would be interested! I've got a Rediffusion set [courtesy of Mike Barker] who brought it up to a previous Golborne Meet for me and in the Ramsbottom context, it will be a talking point even if its never up and running! Visitors are asked to guess what's missing on the basis that it's pre the era of a remote control but it [usually] has to be pointed out that there is no channel selector on the set.

I've a PTV mag that illustrates the Rediffusion universal chassis and various options eg when these wired sets were installed in hotels etc. It was also possible to add a tuner front end in some circumstances. I'm talking more the 625 line era now though! As Nick outlined via Jeffries further explanation [in post 8] and my comments, it was the only way of receiving a fourth channel in Rammy for a long time. We were probably the last place in the country to get a Relay upgrade! It was very unfair really. Even existing subscribers had to lay out 50 notes as only those at the western end of the valley could pick up Winter Hill and four channels. The rest of us had just the "big three" on our aerials from the Relay.

I enjoyed the video demo from Graham [Rambo] you're a natural presenter! although I wouldn't claim to grasp the conversion theory, whatever the method. It does seem "neat" [as the Americans say rather than using big words like sophisticated or clever] despite the chocolate box case! I suppose the commercial units may provide lots more plug in and play options, especially for the solid state and computer dim like myself.

Dave W

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